finding thankfulness

We had a great week in ‘Bama for Thanksgiving and were gustfully thrown into the swing of things here in Cali’. There is always a stark contrast to how relaxing and serene our time in ‘Bama is to what reality is for us here in our “home.” And as much as I was reluctant to be thrown back into the reality of things here, I find myself thankful for all that God has given to us. Thankful that we both are working and not only that, we enjoy what we do. And as much as I would love things to slow down, I’d rather be doing something (even when it’s a whole lot of something) than be doing nothing. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to keep my heart set on our gracious Father who has given us so much of “something” but I am learning. I am learning to cling, to hope, to treasure and to grow.

{Photo: Favorite guy in my favorite room at our sweet home in ‘Bama. Rather his parents’ sweet home.}


chaotic organizer

Since I work as a Church Administrator, many assume that I’m super-duper organized. They couldn’t be more wrong. I usually think to myself, multiple times throughout the day, that I need to learn to organize better. I feel especially unorganized today. I have four different sheet of paper with list of things I need to do for one event. An organized person would have one sheet with list of the to-dos in order of priority and due dates. I have pens, highlighters, and pencils, taking up residency in various parts of my desk. They are competing for real-estate with my too-many-to-count sheets of paper jotted down in all directions with things I need to get done. An organized person would have the writing utensils neatly lined up and each one would have a specific purpose, like the red highlighter is for things that are due today, and the yellow highlighter is for things due this week and so on. I mean, not to mention that an organized person would not have paper littered all over her desk. They would have neat piles, placed around the desk in order of priority and categories.

I would take a photo-evidence of my mess but I spilled tea on near my phone last night so it’s currently resting inside a vat of rice. See, an organized person would NOT have spilled tea near her phone. An organized person would have a separate place where her phone rests when not in use and would never be as clumsy as to spill anything.

If anyone wants to help me learn the art of organization, I’ll pay you in good coffee.

the verdict: new toilet

We are getting a new toilet tomorrow. The word in the abode is that our current toilet doesn’t have enough power when it flushes, thus, not pushing the stuff through the pipes as it should, causing things to back up. So the verdict is that a new, more powerful toilet will push things out, preventing clogging and flushing things into the tub. Hooray!

And this would be a good time to give a public declaration of our love for our apartment managers. Robert rocks! He is the most on-top-of-it, selfless manager I have ever come across. I actually had a real good manager when I was renting in North Torrance, and I wasn’t sure I would find another awesome manager like her, but Robert is just as awesome, if not more awesomer!

ample adventures

Ever since our toilet flushing into the bathtub incident, we feel like we’re coasting through some interesting adventures. In a way, our toilet-flushing-into-tub helped us realize that we live pretty adventuresome lives. And it’s not always on planned. But maybe that’s what most adventures are: unplanned.

We got home to an apartment promised of the toilet and tub being fixed. Since Sweet T was going to grab my tools of major disinfecting on the way home from work, I decided to carry on with dinner and tidying up our kitchen. I felt like quite the betty-homemaker, making dinner, waiting for the husband to get home. As nice as it was, it hinted a bit of the twilight zone.

Husband got home, we dined away on a tasty meal, dinner dishes got done and I tied up my hair to tackle the bathroom. As I happily carried on in disinfecting, I was surprised by the gurgling noises in the toilet and the water going down independent of any action made by me. I proceed to flush and notice the water rising without flushing away. So I cut off the water source. Then I unplug the tub and the water just sits still. Now mind you, neither one of us used the toilet since coming home (thankfully). So if it had really been fixed, the actions of the toilet and tub were completely unexpected and impossible. Some other gross-ness was barfed up by the tub.

Thankfully, AH had offered us her house for the weekend in case our toilet stops working again. She must have known something that I didn’t because I didn’t think I needed to take her up on the offer when it was given, but I found myself a little before 10pm, texting her if we could¬†mosey¬†over to her house where the toilet and tub don’t throw things up at you.

As we packed up an overnight bag and headed over there, we marveled at the adventure and chuckled to ourselves.

Then, Sweet T got some crazy rash/hive looking thing. Allergic reaction to something we consumed? Then I woke up feeling wonky and might have something going on. More adventure.

We stopped by our abode before heading into work to make sure our tub and toilet didn’t do anything crazy overnight. And lo and behold, the tub had groddy spit-up residue all over him. (I left him clean and soaking so something else transpired while we were safe and clean at AH’s house.)

Now we are carrying on at work, me, trying not to be disgusted by the ill-mannered tub we have residing in our place and him, practicing for next week’s Good Friday Service. And as I close this post, I am aghast at how droll this all sounds written out like this. :\

so this and this happened

Thanks to Poppa Suh finding a family registry document from Korea that he did for my Grandfather way back when, I was able to have my birthdate corrected. PHEW. You don’t know the relief I feel about this. And now, Sweet T and I can e-file our taxes.

I had another productive day yesterday: social security office, laundromat, Sprouts, cook dinner, clean. And in the midst of all that, I finally started reading game o’ hunger. I don’t do bandwagons if I can avoid them. So I am riding the late-train. I got so hooked, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading. I got to about 60% of the book according to my kindle progress tracker. I would have kept on reading, but the light woke my husband up in the wee hours. Bad wife.

This morning, I dragged myself out of bed (after having some weird dreams about being hunted and having to kill people I know to survive) to get ready for work. Then the toilet decides to flush INTO the BATHTUB! Gross. I hate germs. Now our tub needs some major disinfecting.

But in the midst of all those things happening, I am amazed and thankful to my Sovereign God who holds all of that in His hands. It’s amazing to me all the things He allows for my good and His glory. But truthfully, I’m still trying to figure out how the toilet flushing into the tub fits into the whole scheme of that. :\